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Who I am and what is this about:

Hi there,

My name is Matt D’Aquino. I am an extremely passionate Judo player. I have dedicated my life to studying Judo. Now that I am not competing anymore I want to help you achieve your Judo goals and help you become the best Judoka you can possibly be.

As a young Judoka I had read and re-read every single Judo book in my entire state and soon I became frustrated because I wanted to learn more Judo but there were  no good resources available. I remember telling my Mother that one day I would write the best Judo book in the world – a “one stop shop for all levels of Judoka”. 

Fast forward to today.

I have now been studying Judo for 23 years. I have competed at 5 World Championships, multiple Grand Slams and Grand Prix’s around the world and I realised my dream and fought at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Instead of writing the worlds best ever Judo book (I don’t like typing that much)- I have decided to film absolutely everything I know about Judo and upload it onto the University of Judo to help you achieve your Judo goals. 

The University of Judo has just about every video you could possibly imagine. I have  filmed hundreds of videos including counters, combinations, setups, movements, strategy videos and tactics that will help you achieve your Judo goals – not matter how big or how small.

  • If you are an elite level athlete then through my personal coaching I can help you gain the edge over your competition (especially if you send in their competition videos for me to analyse).
  • If you are a beginning Judoka I can help you solidify the Judo basics and help you get your next grade faster.
  • If you run a small dojo or you are a starting out instructor I can write you lesson plans, teaching strategies as well as technical advice to grow your Judo knowledge and increase membership in your dojo.
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Membership was $49/month but now only $15/month.

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900+ Instructional Videos

One of the best ways grapplers learn is through videos opposed to static photos in a book. The University of Judo contains OVER 900 instructional videos filmed by Olympian and coach Matt D’Aquino.

Each technique, combination, strangle, armbar, guard pass and defence is broken down into fine detail so you will know exactly how to perform each and every technique in the Judo syllabus.

  • Learn throws and takedowns that actually work for you and your body shape
  • String throws together to get the most out of your attacks
  • Learn fast and effective counter attacks that will stop your opponents actually attacking you!
  • Understand the grip fighting game so you can control your opponent with ease
  • Gain a better understanding of what you are meant to be doing when fighting on your feet
  • Increase your overall knowledge of the sport of Judo and how to implement your attacks more effectively

BONUS #1: Personalised Strength & Conditioning Programs

Are you one of those Judoka who are following an out-dated strength program, or even worse a body building program? In order to succeed and perform at Judo you must follow a Judo specific strength and fitness program. Matt has had over 11 years of strength and fitness programming and can write you a personalised regime for you and your grappling goals.

  • Access to my best selling book Strength Training for Judo
  • Access to Workouts for Judo eBook series
  • A personalised gym program every 6 weeks
  • As an added bonus you can send in your deadlift, power cleans and snatch technique for Matt to critique and help with

BONUS #2: Personalised Nutrition & Meal Plans

Judo is a very high impact sport and therefore you need to be eating foods which will assist in your recovery as well as help you perform well on the mat. As a special bonus Matt’s wife is a registered nutritionist who is more than happy to look over your diet and give you some pointers on what you can do to eat to perform.


  • What foods to avoid on competition day
  • How to fuel your body for the best performance possible
  • What foods you should be consuming to assist in recovery (especially as you get older)
  • How you can move weight divisions successfully
  • Cutting weight strategies

Membership was $49/month but now only $15/month.

Check out what these people had to say about the University of Judo

“With Matt’s online help I was able to sit my green belt test and pass with  flying colours. Every few weeks I sent in my uchikomi videos to Matt and he critiqued them and gave me things to work on before my grading. Going into my test I felt over-prepared and ready to blitz it!  Thanks Matt ”
“This website has the best Judo content in the world ”
“As a BJJ practitioner my stand up game was atrocious and I signed up to the University of Judo seeking some takedown help from Matt – he is an Olympian after all. Within a few weeks I was gaining the upper hand on my training partners purely through the techniques Matt uploaded in the “Judo for BJJ’ section of his website. I would recommend this website to any BJJ’er wanting to gain the upper hand in the stand up game as well as understanding the in-depth art of grip fighting.”
“Sometimes I am unable to get the kids to training and instead of them sitting around playing computer games they now log on to the University of Judo and go over a few videos and practice at home. I love how they can still expand their knowledge whilst at home. This website is great for people who can only get to training a few nights a week but want to continually develop their knowledge of the sport.  ” 
“I have learnt more from Matt than I ever thought possible. Thanks to Matt I have fought and beaten 3 Black belts this year. I have a long way to go but I feel a lot more confident going into the future knowing that I have the Uni of Judo and Matt to help me every step of the way. ” 
“I am overnight security guard so I have a lot of time on my hands. Each night I logon and chat to Matt or watch and re-watch his instructional videos. I have learnt  so many entries, tactics and combinations and they have finally begun working during practice.

Thanks Matt” 


Try the University of Judo With Confidence Knowing You’re Backed By My Triple-Threat Guarantee

Guarantee #1
High Quality Production

If for any reason you don’t think any component of the University of Judo is top-notch quality, simply email me at any time within the next 60 days and you’ll get a full and prompt refund.

Guarantee #2
Fast Results That Last

If after following the program you don’t throw more people, string throws together, understand Judo more or feel that being a member of the University of Judo doesn’t help you reach your goals, just let me know and you’ll get your money back

Guarantee #3
Improved competition knowledge

If you feel that watching the competition and throwing analysis hasn’t improved your strategy and approach to competition then let me know and I will give you a 100% money back guarantee. No questions asked

If for any reason the University of Judo doesn’t live up to any of these three points, just drop me an email at admin(at) within 60 days of your purchase, and you’ll get a full, no questions asked and no hassles refund.
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